Ireland’s Ancient East

[The Ireland’s Ancient East initiative allows visitors peel back the layers of time and to go off the beaten track to experience thousands of years of history.

Covering the South and East and part of the Midlands, it focuses on the wealth of cultural and heritage attractions in the area.

“Cork is Ireland’s ‘Maritime Paradise’ with a significant maritime history spanning over a thousand years, set in a beautiful soft coastal environment where the land, the people and their culture will allow you to discover a quirky way to stimulate all of your senses.”

Ballycotton plays a strong part in Cork’s maritime heritage. The village sits on a rocky ledge overlooking a spectacular bay.

Its history includes the Mary Stanford lifeboat that carried out the Daunt Rock Light vessel rescue, still regarded as the most famous in the RNLI’s history in Ireland.

The lifeboat returned to the village, where it is now an onshore tribute to the men who carried out that rescue and a part of Ireland’s national maritime history.

A black lighthouse (one of only two in Ireland) it is only accessible by boat. Trips are arranged by Ballycotton Sea Adventures.

All their guides are local and will tell you the factual history of the lighthouse and picturesque Ballycotton as well as sharing some of the more fanciful local myths and legends. Ballycotton Lighthouse is proudly part of Ireland’s Ancient East.